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Daca ramai singur contra unui oponent la sfarsit de runda, il poti provoca la duel de cutite lovind de 3 ori consecutiv si rapid in perete sau orice alt obiect.

Where I come from, if you cut the wall repeteadly with your knife it means you're challenging your last opponent to a knife duel.

I decided to automate this process.

If only you and another person on the opposite team remain in the round, you can hit a wall (or another object) with your knife, THREE TIMES in fast succession.
By this action you challenge your opponent to a knife duel. The person you challenge gets a menu where he can accept/decline your
challenge. The challenged person has 10 seconds to decide his mind, else the challenge is automatically declined, and the menu should be closed automatically.

Should a knife duel start, it works out pretty much like a round of Knife Arena: you can only use the knife (and the C4!).
As soon as the round ends the Knife Arena mode is turned off.

Get Automatic Knife Duel (automatic_knife_duel.amxx) from automatic_knife_duel.amxx
Get Source (automatic_knife_duel.sma) from automatic_knife_duel.sma
VERSIUNEA RO: Get RO Automatic Knife Duel (RO_knife_duel.amxx) de pe RO_knife_duel.amxx
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